-2018 Conference Presentations-

Storm Chasing 2017 & 2018: Tornadoes, Hurricanes and Volcanoes (coming soon)
Experimental Applications of the Statistical Severe Convective Risk Assessment Model for Central Plains Severe Thunderstorm Threat Assessment
Air Force Weather Efforts on High Plains Forecast Challenges
Tornado Visualization and Doppler Radar Analysis Project
Thunderstorm Asthma in the USA: Are We Missing an Important Signal?
The 1 June 2018, Gillette, WY EF3: A Post-Frontal Tornadic Supercell
Mesoscale Patterns Supporting EF3-EF5 Tornadoes across Eastern Kansas
Topeka Sounding-Based Evaluation of the Potential for Severe Convective Winds in Weakly Sheared Environments
Day Cloud Phase Detection: The Future of DSS and Lightning Lead Time
Transforming NWS Fire Weather Operations Through Innovative Tactical Fire Weather Decision Support Services
Utilizing GOES-16 and the AWIPS Hot Spot Notification App for Impact-Based Decision Support of Wildfires: Initial Beta-Test Observations WFO Wichita
Expanding Product Capabilities at the High Plains Regional Climate Center
A Wind Speed Climatology for Drones
The Utility and Workflow of Unmanned Aerial System (UASs) Based Damage Surveys: A Case Study of the 26 June 2018 Eureka, KS Tornado
Is the Heat Index Efficient to Measure Heat Stress? A look Into an Alternative Index
Advances in the Nebraska Mesonet Monitoring Program
The High Plains Chapter of the AMS/NWA: 20+ Years and Still Counting
Big Red ICS - Incident Command System at Memorial Stadium
Perspectives on How Severe Thunderstorm Forecasting Has Changed Over the Past 20 Years of the High Plains Conference
Personality in the Workplace
Overview of the New Winter Weather Observing Program at WFO Goodland
Best Practices and Insights from the April 2017 Blizzard
Development of the Nebraska Department of Transportation Winter Severity Index
State Departments of Transportation Perception of Winter Weather Forecasts and Impacts
Correlation of Snow
An Observational Study of Winter Weather Related Traffic Accidents in Nebraska
An Observational Study of Snow-to-Liquid Ratio in North American Mid-Latitude Cyclones Using Subdaily Data
An Analysis of the April 17, 2018 Tri-State Dust Storm (coming soon)