Minutes of the High Plains AMS/NWA Chapter Meeting

April 28, 2009

Our Chapter met with 11 members gathering for lunch at the Town and Country Kitchen in Norton, KS at 11:30 AM on Tuesday, April 28th.  After lunch, we did a quick round of introductions, followed by the business meeting. We were then treated to a presentation by Al Pietrycha, SOO at GLD.  Al spoke on “Observational Analysis and Doppler Radar Interpretation of Non-mesocyclone Tornadoes”.  Al’s talk centered on landspout tornadoes:  specifically radar interrogation and suggestions for best-practices for tornado warning issuance. His Powerpoint slides had many excellent case examples of both radar reflectivity and velocity data in association with photos of these events centered mainly around eastern Colorado.

Call to order.   Newly elected President Mike Umscheid/DDC started the meeting at 12:25 PM.  Secretary Tim Burke/DDC read the minutes from the Jan 27th meeting, and they were accepted with a couple of corrections. 

Treasurer’s report.
  The Treasurer’s report was sent by Treasurer Matt Masek/LBF via Teresa Keck, who gave an oral report.  Our balance as of 1/27 was $3526.41.  There was $467.57 in deposits from dues and interest, and $5.69 in expenses, leaving a balance on 4/28/09 of $3988.29.  The Jim Johnson Scholarship fund is now at $1805.00, leaving a checkbook balance of $2183.29.  Thanks to all who have sent your dues in!

Old Business. 
John Stoppkotte/LBF gave an updated report on the upcoming conference, scheduled for Aug 27th-28th in North Platte, NE.  A call for papers was sent out April 30th, just after this meeting. Ideas were discussed on a meeting for the Wednesday afternoon prior the conference (Aug 26th), possibly centering on Climate.  The possibility of having a conference t-shirt was also discussed.  At this time, the price of the conference is planned to be the same as last year.  The local college is donating a room for the conference, and a banquet is set up for Thursday night. The conference banquet/rooms are at the Quality Inn and Suites (where most attendees will be staying).  Another planning meeting is scheduled soon.  More will be posted on our website as it becomes available:  http://www.highplains-amsnwa.org/

This year’s Jim Johnson Scholarship ($500) was awarded to Jennifer Uhrich, a senior at North Platte High School in Nebraska.  Jennifer is planning to major in Meteorology at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln.  It was reported earlier this winter the AMS chapter in Wichita was struggling with finding members to hold necessary office positions to meet AMS/NWA requirements, however they were ultimately able to elect officers for the 2009 year, and at this time will not dissolve.  Thus talks of a possible High Plains/Wichita chapter merger and Wichita joining us in the rotation for the annual High Plains Conference have been put on hold for now.

New Business. 
A possible future meeting place was suggested in Stockton, KS.  Is anyone in our chapter interested in doing a poster for the national NWA and/or AMS conference?  If so, please contact President Mike Umscheid at mike.umscheid@noaa.gov ASAP.

Adjournment.  The meeting ended at 1:10 PM.  The next meeting will be in the mid-July time frame.

Mike Umscheid, President
Tim Burke, Secretary