High Plains Chapter of the AMS/NWA
Minutes of the Regular Meeting
August 6, 2002

A small group of 7 AMS/NWA members met around noon at the Town and Country Kitchen in Norton, KS. After partaking of a delicious lunch, the meeting was brought to order by President John Stoppkotte at 12:45 PM. The small turnout was partly due to staff shortages at our 4 primary offices, as well as this being a peak time for vacations. There was no invited speaker. However, one of the attendees was a visitor, Jerrod Frederking, a SCEP participant from the Dodge City NWS office. Jerrod is a Junior at Oklahoma University in Norman, OK, and a member of both the Central Oklahoma Chapter of the AMS (COCAMS) and the Oklahoma University Student Chapter of the AMS (OUSCAMS).

Secretary Tim Burke read the minutes from the 04/23/02 meeting; the minutes were accepted as read.


Treasurer Mike Moritz presented the treasurer's report as of 8/06/02. There has been minimal financial activity since our last meeting. The current balance was $2248.85.

It was noted there have been several chapter members (especially NWS members) moving out and/or into the High Plains area recently. After the October conference/meeting, a reminder will be sent out for dues renewal, and the chapter roster (currently at 48) will be updated at that time.

Chapter dues will remain at $10 for 2003.

The treasury report was accepted as read.


Jim Johnson did a nice job of restoring a Chapter website, since our last meeting. The new web address is: http://www.highplains-amsnwa.org This site will be where all the information pertaining to the upcoming conference will be posted and updated. Jared Guyer of Hastings WFO has graciously volunteered to be the new web master for the High Plains Chapter. Any suggestions or questions pertaining to the new web site should be directed to Jared at Jared.Guyer@noaa.gov. Thanks Jared!

Ed Szoke, FSL, the scheduled speaker for our 4/23/02 meeting who did not show up, apparently miscalculated his driving time and the time zone change. Perhaps Ed can visit us again in the future, and present some findings of the IHOP project.

The next topic revisited was the price of registration for the upcoming 6th High Plains Conference in Dodge City October 9-11. It was agreed (via email, prior to this meeting) to go with a standard registration fee of $50, and give a $5 break for early registration, with$45 as a pre-registration fee. Student registration will be $25, for either pre-registration or registering at the conference.

The main purpose of this meeting was to discuss plans and updates of the 6th High Plains Conference, scheduled from Wed, Oct 9th - Fri, Oct 11th. Jim Johnson of Dodge City WFO is serving as conference coordinator. Wednesday evening will be for early check in and registration, with no presentations planned. Thursday will start early, followed by a full day of interesting presenters, and will include keynote speaker Chuck Doswell. Friday morning sessions will center around Emergency Preparedness, including keynote speaker Dr. Eve Gruntfest of the University of Colorado. The early Friday afternoon session will be panel discussion on Aviation Weather Needs. Discussion on who will be on this panel was thwarted, since Jim Johnson is heading up the effort to fill the panel (and was unable to attend this meeting). The attending members felt a rough agenda should be posted ASAP to the web page, just to let interested attendees an idea of the schedule. The conference is planned to end around 2 PM Friday, to allow travel time back home. Also, a "group" evening out is being planned for Thursday evening, and information will be posted to the web site, as soon as it is available.

The members at this 8/6 lunch meeting wondered if Jim Johnson should issue another paper/presentation notice to the universities for our Student Paper competition. This was suggested based on the timing, since many students will be returning to school soon.

A question was raised if the presentations from last year's High Plains conference in North Platte had been posted to our web site. Jared Guyer should contact John Stoppkotte at LBF, who has the CD of last year's presentation.

It was agreed to have a teleconference call in early September, to discuss details of the Oct. conference. This call should include the officers and at least one chapter member from each WFO office. Jim Johnson will set this call up and notify the participants in advance.

Again, information on this upcoming conference can be found at:



President John Stoppkotte proposed a subject for discussion, that the High Plains AMS/NWA Chapter consider sponsoring a scholarship for women in science. We recently assisted the AMS in distributing information about a minority scholarship, but this did not include women. John has looked into this, and there are very few scholarships for women in the science field. Members: please send your thoughts on this to John Stoppkotte via email, or bring/send them to the next meeting in October.

We still need more speakers for the Oct 9-11th conference. John Stoppkotte agreed to send out an email to all the SOO's at surrounding NWS offices, soliciting presentations. Furthermore, the consensus of this small group was our Chapter needs to be more aggressive with securing speakers at our regular meetings.

Mike Moritz, and possibly Jared Guyer, both of Hastings WFO, are planning to attend the National AMS conference February 9-13th in Long Beach, CA. Mike has volunteered to draft up a poster for our local chapter, and display it at the National Annual Meeting. Tim Burke will send Mike Moritz some contact information for the National meeting.


The meeting adjourned at 1:35 PM. The next meeting will be during the Oct 9-11th conference in Dodge City.

Respectfully submitted,

Tim Burke, Secretary