Minutes of the High Plains AMS/NWA Chapter Meeting

August 13, 2012

The High Plains Chapter of the AMS/NWA held a teleconference on Monday, August 13th at Noon CDT.  There were 16 members logged into the teleconference. Vice President Bill Taylor officiated this meeting, since our President Chris Foltz had recently been transferred to Montana.  The first order of business was to fill the vacant President spot.  Via a series of email exchanged since our last meeting, VP Bill Taylor from North Platte was willing to move up into the President's slot, and Jeremy Wesley/Hastings, NE is willing to take over the VP slot, for the remainder of this Chapter year.  These two individuals and their respective positions were voted and approved earlier by the executive committee via email.  Our chapter bylaws were checked for voting procedures for a vacant officer's position, and a quorum of the members was needed to ratify an officer change.  Our bylaws define a quorum as greater than 1/4th of the active members plus one officer.  Our currently membership is 41 members, meaning 11 members (plus an officer) make up a quorum.  This meeting had 16 members present.  A vote was taken, and the officer changes were ratified:  Bill Taylor is now Chapter President, and Jeremy Wesley is now Vice President.  The vote was unanimous. 

The treasury report was given by Treasurer Scott Bryant of Hastings, NE.  The Available Balance as of our last meeting on June 4th was $6468.82, and as of this meeting on August 13th, the balance was $6019.63.  Notable expenses during this period were $400 to the IRS for applying for our tax exempt status, and $40 for the filing fee for this IRS application.  Broken down, there is $3944.63 in the checkbook ledger, and $2115.00 in the Jim Johnson Scholarship fund. 

The only new business item discussed was whether we should provide the funds ($250) to a Nebraska teacher who requested our chapter to fund a Weather Loan Box.  This box would contain various weather items to assist K-5 students to learn about weather.  John Stoppkotte at North Platte has taken the lead on this project.  We voted unanimously to fund this box and donate it to the Nebraska Academy of Science, made up by members of the Nebraska Association of Teachers.  Feel free to email John Stoppkotte at North Platte with any suggestions on what to include in the Weather Box.  It was discussed the Kansas offices may follow the Nebraska lead later, and purchase a Weather Box for use in Kansas.

A strong opinion was evident that our next meeting be a face to face meeting.  However, this may or may not be possible, depending on each office's travel budget.  The next meeting will likely be Tuesday, October 30th in Norton (or other location).  A presenter from Hastings volunteered to speak on the Phased Array Radar subjects picked up recently at a conference in Norman, OK.  VP Wesley will notify us all of the exact date, time and place of the next meeting..

Bill Taylor, President
Tim Burke, Secretary