High Plains Chapter of the AMS/NWA
Minutes of the Regular Meeting
August 3, 2005
Meeting Held at Montana Mike's Restaurant in Colby, Kansas

•    The meeting was called to order by President Patrick Burke at 1245 p.m. CDT.

•    Patrick read the minutes of our last meeting which was held on May 19 in Norton, Kanssas. The minutes were accepted as read.

•    Patrick then read the Treasurer’s Report. We only had two small expenses.  The Treasurer’s report was accepted as read.

•    New Business

•    Membership Update
     - WFO Goodland has two new chapter members – Matt Mehle and Al Pietrycha. Randy Coleman, retired forecaster from WFO
       Goodland also attended the meeting.
     - WFO North Platte has a new OPL that has joined as well.
     - It was suggested to create an honorary membership for retired members. This item will be written up as an email and sent out to
       all members to vote on.
     - The current number of chapter members stands at 43.
     - WFO Goodland will be losing one member – Logan Johnson
     - Patrick has collected zip codes to send to AMS Headquarters to identify more AMS members in the area who may wish to join
       the local chapter.
     - A written agenda will be sent out 15 days prior to each meeting.
     - Patrick contacted Kevin Lavin of the NWA of our election of officers.
     - A recommendation was made to send out the minutes of each of our meetings to all members. This would especially be good
       for those members not able to attend.
     - It was noted that there are several chat lists available to use to post items.

•    Web Page Issues
     - Patrick has written a welcome letter to let people know what we do and encourage them to join the chapter.
     - Maybe add student resource center links.
     - Also maybe add links to the AMS Journals from our web page (Since NWS maybe dropping this.)
     - Have at least one resource contact in each WFO office. Patrick made these assignments.

•    High Plains Conference in North Platte – October 5-7, 2005
     - Deadline for abstracts extended to August 30, 2005.
     - Maybe raise conference fees. Currently fees for members and students  are $50.00 and $25.00 respectively. Maybe raise these to
       $60.00 and $30.00 respectively. A decision will be forthcoming on this within the next day or two since the planning committee
       will meet during that time.
     - Maybe for student poster session – Divide these sessions into graduate and undergraduate divisions.
•    With no other new business the meeting was adjourned by voice vote. 

•    Patrick then introduced our guest speaker Jim Johnson of WFO Dodge City. Jim gave a very informative and interesting presentation
     on aviation forecasting from a pilot’s perspective.  He especially provided interesting and useful information regarding the writing of
     TAFs with the pilot in mind.

•    The gathering concluded at 215 p.m. CDT.  The next meeting will take place during the High Plains Conference in North Platte
     in October.