High Plains Chapter of the AMS/NWA
Minutes of the Regular Meeting
December 10, 2002

Nine members of the High Plains AMS/NWA chapter met at noon at the Town and Country Kitchen in Norton, KS.  After lunch, Gino Izzi of North Platte, NE (LBF WFO) presented two reports: one a climatological look at the occurrence of dense fog at LBF and VTN, and another a statistical look at climatology of non-convective high wind events at the same two locations.

After Gino’s presentations, the regular meeting began, directed by President John Stoppkotte.

Secretary Tim Burke read the minutes from the 8/6/2002 meeting; the minutes were accepted as read.


Treasurer Mike Moritz, unable to attend, sent his report via both President John Stoppkotte and Secretary Tim Burke.  President John Stoppkotte read both the treasury report and the financial report of the Dodge City conference.  Mike’s report was in two parts; the regular treasurer’s report, and a summary of the October conference in Dodge City.

With a beginning balance of $2,248.85 on August 6, 2002, the ledger finished on December 3, 2002 with a balance of $2066.11.

The financial report from the 2002 High Plains conference in Dodge City showed Expenses of $4,027.01, and Receipts of $3,658.00, for a net loss of $369.01.  We consider this conference a success, and will continue to strive to host and put on quality, low-cost conferences, annually.

The treasury report was accepted as read.


The issue of our chapter sponsoring a “Women in Science” scholarship was re-visited (from a previous meeting.)  John Stoppkotte checked with the national AMS headquarters, and found that we could set the scholarship up any way we wanted to, i.e., create the criteria ourselves.  He went on to say, that at the time this topic was first proposed, he had overlooked the fact that our chapter gives out $800.00 in student scholarships at our annual conference already, and financially supporting another ongoing scholarship may be hard to support.  It was noted how much interest has been shown by young female students in the job shadow programs recently.  If anyone has ideas or input on this, please send them to John Stoppkotte, via email. (john.stoppkotte@noaa.gov)

Mike Moritz and Dan Nietfeld are going to the National AMS conference in February in Long Beach, CA.  Also, Jared Guyer may get to attend, if funding is available.  Dan and Mike are planning to attend the “Chapter Breakfast” for local chapters, as well as present a poster at the conference.

Vice President Jim Johnson shared a few notes from Chapter Archives.  Minutes from a 1996 meeting (the first year of our existence): There were 26 members (nearly half are no longer with us), with a closing treasury balance of $139.81, including an interest payment of $0.14!  How far we’ve come...


The main discussion for new business was the plans for our next High Plains conference, to be held in Hastings, NE.  Jared Guyer gave a report of what has been going on lately.  Hastings College has confirmed our use of their facilities, including free use of classrooms and needed support.  Very reasonable meal prices will be available from the student union.  The conference will be from Oct. 8th-10th, Wed-Fri.  Please let the Hastings WFO know ASAP if there are any known conflicts with these dates.  Around 65 hotel rooms have been blocked and secured at government per diem rates, and more plans are in the works.  The official announcement for this conference, along with a call for papers, will be issued by the end of this month.  If you have an idea or suggestion for invited speakers, please give Rick Ewald, Mike Moritz or Jared Guyer of the Hastings, NE office a call or email.  Updated information will be posted on our chapter website, http://www.highplains-amsnwa.org

Next, we accepted officer nominations.  In addition to the following nominations, President John Stoppkotte will email the membership with a solicitation for more nominations.  After a period of approximately 2 weeks for nominations, and then after these minutes have been posted for at least a week, another email will be sent by John Stoppkotte for our membership to vote on 2003 officers (probably after the first of the year).  The following nominations were accepted at this meeting:   President: Mike Moritz   Vice President: Jared Guyer   Treasurer: Aaron Johnson
Secretary: Tim Burke and Dave Eastlack.


The meeting adjourned at 2:22 PM.  The next meeting will be scheduled in the first quarter of  2003, after new officers are in place.

Respectfully submitted,

Tim Burke, Secretary