High Plains Chapter of the AMS/NWA
Minutes of the Regular Meeting
February 4, 2003

A group of 15 lively souls gathered for a meeting of the High Plains AMS/NWA chapter at noon on Tuesday, February 4th.  This meeting took place in Hill City, KS at Gwen’s Hometown Café, a new meeting location for our chapter.  The accommodations and food were very satisfying.  Technically, we had 5 visitors, with 4 first-timers to one of our meetings: Peggy Alander, Fred Stasser, and Trent Smith, all new members of the GLD staff; Mike Bell, an Intern at DDC; and Steve Kisner/WCM of HSI.  We hope we impressed all of these visitors enough to entice them into joining our local chapter, which only requires payment of a modest $10 in dues.

Following lunch, we conducted our business meeting, outlined in the minutes below.  Our featured presenter was Ryan Phillips of KHGI-TV in Kearney, NE.  Ryan gave a very enlightening talk on “Media Use of National Weather Service Products”.  He not only outlined the operations of his station, but explained how different media users use NWS services differently.  It was evident Ryan and his station are making that “extra effort” to put out quality programing, while at the same time maintaining a good working relationship with local (and some not so local!) NWS offices.

Our new President, Mike Moritz, called the meeting together at 1 PM.  Secretary Tim Burke read the minutes from the 12/10/2002 meeting.  The minutes were accepted, with one correction.  Rick Ewald, Mike Moritz and Jared Guyer were incorrectly identified with the North Platte, NE NWS office; it should have read, the Hastings, NE office.  Tim apologized for the mistake.


Former Treasurer Mike Moritz gave his final 2002 treasurer report.  As of Feb 4, 2003, our checkbook balance stands at $2247.96.  Since the past meeting, $180 had been received in dues, while $1.85 was earned from interest.  No chapter expenses were incurred since the last meeting. The bank statement and checkbook were in agreement, and the treasurer duties were passed to our new chapter treasurer, Aaron Johnson, of the North Platte WFO.

Thanks Mike, for all the “attention to detail” you displayed in maintaining a close eye on the chapter’s financial matters during the past few years.  Your service was appreciated!

The treasury report was accepted as read.


Vice President Jared Guyer gave us an update on the upcoming 7th Annual High Plains Conference, scheduled for October 8-10th in Hastings, NE.  An announcement and call for papers has gone out, and several quality speakers have been invited.  More details will be forthcoming when the speakers are confirmed.  Accommodations have been secured at Hastings College, as well as at local motels.  An evening out is being planned for Thursday evening, Oct 9th, at a fine eatery in a local mall. Jared also displayed flyers the HSI office has for anyone wishing to distribute handout type material about the conference.  Just contact the Hastings NWS office to obtain the flyers.  Some of the flyers were recently passed out at a chaser conference in Denver.  ALL CHAPTER NWS OFFICES:  You are strongly encouraged to advertise and promote this conference in your respective areas (CWAs), including neighboring NWS offices, media outlets, schools, emergency managers, etc..  Updated information on the conference will be posted regularly on our chapter homepage:    http://www.highplains-amsnwa.org
The staff from the Hastings, NE office showed off their recently produced High Plains chapter poster, which President Mike Moritz and Dan Nietfeld/OMA will be taking to the National AMS conference in Long Beach, CA next week.  The poster looked great(!): the HSI guys who put this giant poster together each deserve a big pat on the back.


We collectively agreed to strive for Chapter of the Year worthiness.  Each WFO office, as well as any other chapter members with input, are encouraged to take pictures of outreach activities you may participate in.  Suggested photos include science fairs, information booths, school presentations, etc..  While you may be doing one of these activities as part of your job, you are also in our AMS and NWA chapter, and these activities can be included in our chapter activities.  The chapter membership is quite spread out over the high plains, but if we collect all the different and various activities each of our offices is undertaking, we should have quite a collective report!  Send pictures/reports to Tim Burke, 104 Airport Rd, Dodge City, KS, 67801, or tim.burke@noaa.gov.

Bruce Entwistle, SOO GLD, reported that the Goodland WFO has been teaching a MET101 class at Colby Community College (KS).  Furthermore, a couple of the Goodland staff members routinely serve as judges for local scholar bowls.


The meeting adjourned at 1:50 PM, followed by Ryan Phillips’ presentation.  The next meeting will probably be in Hays, KS on one of the following dates: 4/22; 4/18; 4/2 or 4/3.  Please let Vice President Jared Guyer/HSI know if you prefer one of these dates over another, as he is in the scheduling stage.  Pete Wolf, SOO ICT will most likely be the speaker, reporting on a recent paper of his concerning the importance of meteorological situational awareness in a warning scenario.

Respectfully submitted,

Tim Burke, Secretary