Minutes of the High Plains AMS/NWA Chapter Meeting

February 6, 2008

This gathering of 15 members began at 11:30 AM at the Town and Country Café on the east side of Norton.  Travel conditions delayed some members from arriving on time, but all started with lunch, followed by a short business meeting, then a presentation by President Rick Ewald of the “Meteorological Memories of  2007", a presentation given previously by SPC Greg Carbin at the Omaha AMS Chapter meeting of Dec 5, 2007. 

The highlighted events were listed in chronological order, starting with the Ice Storms of Dec ’06-Jan ’07, with over 87 deaths and affecting from Texas to New York.  Number 2 on the list was the Tornadoes of Central Florida on Feb 2nd, with 21 deaths.  Third listed was the Nor’easter of Feb 14, with 24-48 inches of snow in the Northeast.  Next was March 1st and 2nd Tornadoes in the Southeast, including the Enterprise, AL killer tornado.  The March 28th rash of tornadoes across the High Plains came in at number 5, with the May 4th Greensburg EF5 Tornado listed as number 6.  Number 7 was the Georgia/Florida Droughts and Fires, followed closely by the expansive flooding of Oklahoma and Texas.  The Summer of ’07 made the list at number 9 with the record Heat, Drought and Wild Fires in the west.  Finishing out the list of 10 ten, was the California Fires of October, especially in San Diego. 

Call to order.   The meeting was called to order at 12:35 PM.  President Ewald led a short round of introductions.  Secretary Tim Burke/DDC read the 11/14/07 meeting minutes; the minutes were accepted as read. 

Treasurer’s report.  Treasurer Matt Masek/LBF sent a treasurer’s report with Christina Henderson, who relayed that our 2/26/08 Balance was $3783.07.  There is $1260.00 in the Jim Johnson Scholarship fund, leaving our checkbook balance at $2523.05.  More dues are being collected and sought, with $5 of each $15 dues going toward the Jim Johnson Scholarship.

Old Business.  The vote of Officers revealed 22 votes had been cast, either electronically or sent to this meeting.  The same slate of officers will serve for 2008:  President Rick Ewald, Vice President Mike Umscheid, Treasurer Matt Masek, and Secretary Tim Burke.  Others were encouraged to seek an officer position next year.  Webmaster Jared Guyer is willing to change the format of our webpage so officers could post changes, but for now, it was decided to just send updates to Webmaster Guyer and he will post the updates. Each office had recently mailed out letters to area High Schools notifying them of the upcoming Jim Johnson Scholarship deadline, with over 235 letters mailed out.  This letter emphasized the recipient could be planning to major in any Physical Science, not just Meteorology.  Jim Johnson Scholarship points of contact at each office are:  GID/Rick Ewald, DDC/Jennifer Ritterling, LBF/Teresa Keck, and GLD/Christopher Foltz. 

The Goodland crew reported on the upcoming HP Conference.  It will be September 4-5th in Hays, KS.  A diverse set of Keynote speakers are being approached.  Paper abstracts are welcome now, and can be submitted to David.L.Floyd@noaa.gov .   Our conference was designed for perhaps the first time presenter or student in mind, and we strive to create a relaxed, non-threatening environment.  More will be posted soon on our website, at http://www.highplains-amsnwa.org/

New Business.  Secretary Tim Burke will serve as the point of contact for our Chapter of the Year submissions.  ALL members are encouraged to email Tim with any outreach activities you, or your offices, have participated in the past year.  We need to collect a wealth of outreach activities, in order to compete strongly for Chapter of the Year.  Our chapter voted to send $50 to help with refreshment costs to a March 1st fundraiser at the Pratt Community College for Greensburg relief.  Greg Stumpt and Jim LaDue of Norman are spearheading a showing a Storm Chaser ’07 DVD, as well as selling the DVD.  All money raised will go toward Disaster Relief of the American Red Cross.  One or two Chapter members from DDC plan to attend and help serve refreshments as well. 

Adjournment.  The meeting adjourned at 1:15 PM.  The next meeting will be in mid-April.

Rick Ewald, President
Tim Burke, Secretary