Minutes of the High Plains AMS/NWA Chapter Meeting

February 9, 2011

The High Plains Chapter of the AMS/NWA met for the second meeting in a row via conference call as adverse weather conditions prevented the scheduled physical meeting in Norton, KS.  The conference call meeting was attended by 14 participants from WFO’s GLD/GID/LBF/DDC.

Call to order.  The meeting was called to order at 2:00pm, and President Mike Umscheid/DDC read the minutes from the 15 December 2010 meeting.  Secretary Tim Burke/DDC was not in attendance.  Minutes were accepted as read.

Treasurer’s report.  Corey King/GID reported on the updated Treasurer’s report. The treasury started at $6632.81 as of 12/15/2010, had deposits/additions of $256.72 (there is an outdated NOAA check for $256.16 that was never cashed, and thus was added back into the balance), leaving an balance on 2/9/11 of $6886.53.  The Jim Johnson Scholarship (JJS) balance was $2725, leaving the chapter checkbook at $4161.53. Monies for the JJS winner from 2010 were never sent to the winner’s college, and there was an extended (and very beneficial) discussion on who is first responsible for seeing fit that the JJS money goes where it needs to go.  More information on this in the Old Business section.

Old Business.  President Mike Umscheid continues work on getting the chapter incorporated in Kansas and officially recognized by the IRS for tax exemption.  Mike filed the non-profit incorporation online a week before this meeting.  The cost was $20, and he will be reimbursed by the chapter. JJS committee discussion came up, mainly centered around responsibilities of committee members.  Member responsibilities have never been fully documented, and the chapter by-laws page on the chapter website will include specific responsibilities.  The quorum agreed that the JJS committee chair will take on the full responsibility to see that JJS winner receives the money through their college.  All JJS money will be sent to the school of choice under the winner’s name, and not to the high school student directly.

High Plains Conference 2011:  Al Pietrycha/GLD updated the chapter on the conference and expressed enthusiasm/praise in how Wichita Chapter has been organizing the conference up to this point.  Al joined in on a conference call meeting on January 20th, and some of the topics included in the discussion were how abstracts would be handled, and related to that, EJSSM sponsorship for the conference.  Other items discussed were the Job Fair, whether there should be a discount for storm chasers attending (agreed that there should NOT be), and that Central Region funding may NOT exist this year.  A call for papers will be out by June 1st.  Preliminary registration is $75, $45 for students.  Walk-in will be $90/$60 student.  Banquet fee will be an optional $25.

New Business. 
New 2011 officers were accepted by quorum. New officers:  President Chris Foltz/GLD, Vice-President Al Pietrycha/GLD, Secretary Tim Burke/DDC, Treasurer Corey King/GID.  Chris took on his new role following the adjournment of the call.  A discussion came up regarding the reading of chapter minutes to kick off each meeting.  Past meetings have run fairly long, and to shorten these up, it was suggested the secretary send out minutes to the entire membership ASAP following the meeting.  The secretary would then send the minutes out again one week prior to the next meeting for revisions/corrections and to “accept”, so that we don’t have to do this at the meeting.  This also gets more of the membership involved by reaching out to everyone through e-mail.  The quorum agreed this was a good idea, and we will practice this in 2011 beginning with the next meeting. 

One other change that Chris Foltz brought up was to set “hard dates” for each physical meeting out through the entire year.  The primary suggestion was the 2nd Wednesday of January, March, and October with the 4th physical meeting being the annual conference.  Two other meetings would continue to be conference calls or e-mails as we have done.  The benefit to this would be to help improve long-term planning in order to get as many attendees as possible to physical meetings.  This would also help to secure potential High Plains area speakers long in advance for speaking at one of our meetings.

The meeting adjourned at 3:00 PM.  The next meeting is tentatively scheduled for late April, with the date of the 21st being tossed around.  Please check your planning schedule.

Chris Foltz, President
Mike Umscheid, Past President for Tim Burke, Secretary