Minutes of the High Plains AMS/NWA Chapter Meeting

February 23, 2012

A special conference call was held on Thursday, February 23rd, which began at 2:30 PM CST.  Rick Ewald/SOO GID served as the call organizer, and 13 other members were logged into the conference call, including the current officers, 4 MICs, as well as several other members.  The purpose of this call was to discuss whether or not the HP Chapter should host the annual conference this year, scheduled for Hastings, NE.   Travel budgets have been severely reduced for NWS employees, and since most of our conference attendees have been government employees, attendance would likely be significantly reduced. 

It was the consensus from each WFO to postpone the 2012 HP Conference until at least 2013. If we do have a conference in 2013, it will be held in Hastings.  The feeling was to wait until 2013 funds were revealed, to decide on the fate of the 2013 conference. 

Aaron Johnson/SOO DDC made the suggestion that each of us should start thinking about creative ways to host a conference, and even regular HP meetings, such as Webinars, Go-To-Meetings, virtual speakers, etc.  Teresa Keck/LBF suggested checking into the CART rooms available in many colleges and libraries, to perhaps hold ITV or virtual meetings.

The next regular HP chapter meeting will be Wed, March 14th, via an electronic/telecom meeting.  Hope to see/’hear’ you there.  Information to call or log in will be sent out prior to March 12th.   We ended today’s call/meeting at 2:55 PM CST.

Chris Foltz, President
Tim Burke, Secretary