High Plains Chapter of the AMS/NWA
Minutes of the Regular Meeting
Wednesday, January 25, 2006
Meeting Held at Town and Country Kitchen in
Norton, Kansas



·                    The meeting was called to order at 1239 pm CST by Christina Hannon, Vice President.




·                    Nomination of officers from the December online Meeting included:


President: Dave Floyd (WFO Goodland)


Vice President : Christina Hannon (WFO North Platte)

                           Mike Umscheid (WFO DDC)            


Secretary:  Mike Lammers (WFO Goodland)

                  Tim Burke (WFO Dodge City)


Treasurer: Matt Masek (WFO North Platte)


·                    Treasurer’s Report from Acting Treasurer Aaron Johnson was presented. A motion was made to accept the treasurer’s report by Jim Johnson (WFO DDC) and seconded by Dave Floyd (WFO GLD)


·                    Jared Guyer has agreed to remain as chapter webmaster for this year.


·                    Willie Vogt of Kansas Farmer Magazine will be doing interviews and writing an article on the drought to appear in the February issue of the magazine. Any way our chapter can help him with the article would be great.


·                    We have a new member Bill Eckrich of Day Weather in Cheyenne WY.


·                    The North Platte Conference CD master CD has been sent to CR for copies, and a copy will be sent out to each CR WFO office, as well as to a few students who attended.


·                    National AMS Conference in Atlanta will be next week. Two people from NSSL will be attending and will take the chapter poster which was developed by Patrick Burke. We examined a slide of this poster at the meeting. Kevin Manross one of the two attendees will report back to the chapter on this.


·                    Jim Johnson has volunteered to spearhead the project of writing guidelines for us to use in setting up future high plains chapter conferences. Jim will collect this information for us. All WFO High Plains chapter WFO offices are encouraged to send him information learned from past conferences held.


·                    It was mentioned that a vendor was interested in showing his tornado machine at the last conference, but the vendor could not attend and ended up wanting someone else to do this, which would not work. It was discussed whether we would want vendors to be in our future conferences. After some discussion, it was decided that usually vendors choose to become part of a conference at short notice which would not be workable for us.


·                    The Email minutes from the October 5 meeting were moved and accepted online.




·                    A revised treasurer’s report was presented by acting Treasurer Aaron Johnson. The only change from the previous report was to add an additional $60.00 in dues collected. This report was moved and accepted.


·                    Jim Johnson has already started work on planning for the next High Plains Conference which will be in Dodge City on October 4-6, 2006. Matt Gerard has volunteered to head the conference.


·                    Dodge City Conference planning committee will meet this Monday. They will report by email from time to time on progress including a theme, call for papers, session chairs, and keynoters. The most likely keynoters and session chairs will come from the Norman area, due to the proximity to Dodge City.


·                    An e-journal of meteorology is now available online. This is the first issue. Cost is only $50.00 to get an article published including color pages. The url for this document is:




This journal was set up to allow open comments with all interviewer notes online rather than being limited to just a few peer reviewers. Anyone can log into this site. Interviewers will not be anonymous.


·                    Jim Johnson encouraged everyone to use our Yahoo High Plains Chapter Chat page. This page can also be used to discuss meteorological issues and topics rather than just about meetings and other topics.


·                    With no other new business to discuss, the meeting ended at 1259 pm CST.


·                    Two volunteers then retired to another area to tally up the votes for officer elections held today. Election results were announced following the presentation.


·                    Then today’s presentation began, which was presented by Christina Hannon due to the absence of Patrick Burke. Patrick prepared this presentation and sent slides for Christina to follow. The presentation was entitled “ Fire Weather Operations in Oklahoma and North Texas 2005-2006.” A detailed description of events was presented from November 2005 through the present time in January 2006 of major fires there and how the events were handled.”


·                    At the conclusion of the presentation, results of the election of our new chapter officers were announced. New officers for our chapter are:

o       President = Dave Floyd

o       Vice President = Christina Hannon

o       Secretary = Tim Burke

o       Treasurer = Matt Masek