Minutes of the High Plains AMS/NWA Chapter Meeting

January 11, 2012

Twenty-two members of the AMS/NWA High Plains Chapter met for lunch, a meeting and a presentation on Wednesday, January 11, 2012.  We gathered at 11:30 am for lunch at the Town and Country Café in Norton, KS.  This was the largest attendance at one of our meetings in several years!  After a few introductions, and after we had ordered food, the meeting began while we waited for our food.  The business meeting was followed by a presentation by Scott Meltzer/MIC GLD on the Local Winter Storm Scale (LWSS).  This discussion centered around how useful would it be if winter storms were given a ranking, such as hurricanes and tornadoes?  Climatology of numerous strong winter storms were compiled, and then applied to the Regional Snowfall Impact Scale (ReSIS).  This information can then be used as part of the Call to Action portions of winter storm products, such as "…a winter storm similar to this in the past has closed I-70 for 6 to 8 hours…"  Scott's presentation generated many questions and comments, and was well received by the Chapter.

The meeting began at 11:56 am CST.

Treasurer’s report.  Scott Bryant/GID gave the treasurer's report in lieu of Treasurer Corey King/GID.  The balance as of January 10th was $6385.70, with $2415.00 allocated toward the Jim Johnson Scholarship fund, leaving our checkbook balance at $3970.70.

Previous Meeting Minutes.  Minutes from the 12/14/11 teleconference meeting were sent to Chapter members via email prior to this meeting.  The only change to the minutes was to change the Jim Johnson Scholarship POC at Dodge City to Matt Gerard. 

Old Business. 
The $400 donation to the Wichita AMS/NWA Chapter was sent via mail today.  This was to help the Wichita Chapter with expenses incurred at the 2011 HP conference, and would have been the amount we contributed if there had been and student presentations at the conference.    Mike Umscheid/DDC gave us a brief update on the tax exempt applications with IRS.  Not much action had occurred since our last meeting in Dec.  Mike has set March 2nd as the deadline to get everything needed to send to the IRS.  The Chapter voted and approved $400 for the IRS filing fee.  Once the IRS receives our package, it will still be 4 to 5 months before it is finalized.  Mike noted this would run into our annual conference time, so one of Chapter members will most likely have to set up a personal PayPal account for conference registrations. 

We were given an update by several GID members on the upcoming HP conference in Hastings, NE, planned for August 8th-10th.  They are working hard at attracting more student presenters.  Keynote speakers are being contacted, and Dr. Jay Antle, an area historian, is lined up as the banquet speaker.  There is a rumor of possible MIC/SOO conference prior to or during the HP conference, but funds may be limited.

New Business. 

New Officers:  For 2012, the officer nominations are:  President Chris Foltz/GLD; Vice President Bill Taylor/ LBF; Treasurer Scott Bryant/GID; and Secretary Tim Burke/DDC.  An email vote will be sent out to all HP members soon by President Chris Foltz.  The Jim Johnson Scholarship committee will consist a member from each WFO:  Shawn Jacobs/LBF, Chris Foltz/GLD, Scott Bryant/GID (chair) and Matt Gerard/DDC.  Letters soliciting student presentations will go out by Jan 31st, with papers/presentations due back to each WFO by April 1st.

Much discussion centered on if only the HP President, or all officers, needed to be members of both national AMA and NWA organizations.  Our current Bylaws need to be amended to clearly state this.  A vote was taken and approved to allow the membership to vote on this via an email.  This should cross your email soon.  There was a suggestion by President Chris Foltz for a HP picnic during the summer, including families, possibly in June; this will be discussed further later.  .

The meeting was adjourned at 12:20 PM CST.  The next scheduled meeting is Wed, March 14th in Norton.  See you there, and bring a friend!

Chris Foltz, President
Tim Burke, Secretary