Minutes of the High Plains AMS/NWA Chapter Meeting

March 14, 2012

The High Plains Chapter held a meeting via a conference call, beginning with GoToMeeting at Noon on March 14th.  There were 23 HP members on the call, as well as Pete Browning/CRH SOO.  The host of the GoToMeeting was Al Pietrycha/GLD SOO.   Al covered the subject of “Which Radar is best to use for the Beam Height?”  He demonstrated several examples where a particular CWA could have used neighboring 88D radar to get a better representation of a storm.  Another nearby radar is most likely to view a storm better when that storm is near the edge of your CWA.  In summary, Al suggested:  1. Be aware of your VCP, even though storms may not be in your CWA, a neighboring CWA may want to use your radar to view their storms better; 2. Don’t always rely on your radar for the best display of a storm; use other radars when storms are near the edge of CWA; and 3. Be aware of the Hydro QPE issues, other radars may estimate rainfall better than your radar.  The training ended with a question and answer period. 

Our business meeting began at 12:35 PM with President Chris Foltz/GLD welcoming everyone and soliciting comments on the 2/23/12 minutes.  Comments included from a few offices stated the NWS budget that was recently published indicated there may be a little more travel money than a first thought.  Hastings NWS office thought more members could attend a HP conference, if held.  The Dodge City office indicated 2 to 3 persons might attend, with other offices thinking likewise.  Nonetheless, the decision remained not to host a 2012 HP conference, and rather concentrate in making the 2013 conference even better. 

The treasurer, Scott Bryant/GID, brought us up to date with the $6552.57 ledger as of 3/14/12, with $2610 in the Jim Johnson Scholarship, leaving $3942.57 in the checkbook.  Mike Umscheid/DDC briefed the chapter on the Tax Exempt status – they are making progress.   A tax attorney is preparing a package for the IRS, and this process takes time.  We need to re-submit the Chapter position; need to amend our Chapter By-laws, especially the Articles of Incorporation; and create a Policy on Conflict of Interest.  Mike is continuing to work on these needed changes.

President Chris Foltz informed us the electronic vote conducted earlier was unanimous to change our Constitution to allow that only the President Officer position needs to be a member of the national AMS/NWA organization.  Also voted in was that the President can request the Chapter to pay their national dues.

The conference call ended at 1:05 PM CDT.  The next meeting is scheduled for June 13th (2nd Wed).  Details for the meeting will be forthcoming.

Chris Foltz, President
Tim Burke, Secretary