High Plains Chapter of the AMS/NWA
Minutes of the Regular Meeting
May 19, 2005
Meeting Held in Norton, Kansas

The assembly began with 8 members meeting at the Town and Country Restaurant in Norton, KS for lunch.  Following lunch, the meeting took place, immediately followed by an interesting and informative presentation by Logan Johnson. Logan gave an informative overview of the CoCoRAHS program for Northwest Kansas. He described the program as well as pointing out the purpose for CoCoRAHS and how anyone interested can become a volunteer in reporting rainfall and hail into this program.


The meeting was called to order at 12:45 PM CDT.


In the absence of Treasurer David Lawrence/GID, President Patrick Burke who was sent a written copy of the treasurer’s report read the report. Both the High Plains Ledger and Checkbook balanced at $1667.06 as of May 19, 2005.


President Patrick Burke read the minutes of the last meeting held on February 24, 2005.  Upon completion of the reading of the minutes, a motion was made to accept the minutes as read with a first and second. Minutes were unanimously accepted.

Also since officer elections had taken place since the last meeting, each officer was introduced as well as giving a little personal background information.


We need to have national contacts with AMS and NWA headquarters. Tim Burke had provided a list of such contacts so that we will be more visible to the headquarters as well as have people we can go to when we have questions.

Website provider changed on May 1 to GoDaddy.com.

Jared Guyer will continue as our webmaster.

Tim Burke also mentioned that we will be trying to change web hosts in Dodge City.

Next item under new business was coverage of a list of chapter goals (ideas) through a brainstorming session among members present.

*   Increase membership
    - Maybe involve private companies
    - Promotion of name of chapter in the region
    - Reach out more to schools and universities
    - Maybe joint meeting with another chapter
    - Maybe meet with agricultural meteorologists in the area

*   Chapter Meetings
     - Didn’t qualify for chapter of the year since we did not have enough meetings
     - We have had 2 chapter meetings thus far this year
     - We can also have 2 virtual chapter meetings over the internet or through conference calls
     - Maybe have a conference call among our 4 offices such as a teletraining type meeting with a speaker such as maybe from SPC or somewhere else on a topic of interest

*   9th High Plains Conference in North Platte
     - Call for papers is now out to the world
     - Will be held at the Community College in North Platte
     - The College will let us bring in snacks like they did with last year’s meeting in Goodland
     - There are 2 campuses to the community college – a north campus and a south campus
     - Will be a community session with KLBF WCM/ TV Meteorologist in North Platte
     - We need to do a T-shirt design. Ideas are welcome. Send them to Christina

*   Outreach
     - Internet
        * Updates of Chapter Meeting Minutes
        * Plans for the year
     - Maybe do an apprenticeship for a day with a meteorologist at the WFO
     - Keep a current list of volunteer speakers to do outreach with schools to speak at science classes
     - Let Patrick know of names at each office interested in doing this outreach.

*   Maybe eventually in a year or two send someone from our chapter to do a poster session at a national conference

*   Also could have locally written papers placed on our website

•    Logan Johnson did his presentation on CoCoRAHS.

•    Proposed dates for our next meeting will be forthcoming soon.


The meeting adjourned at 1:50 PM CDT.  The date and place for the next meeting were not determined. Members will be notified.