Minutes of the High Plains AMS/NWA Chapter Meeting

November 3, 2010

The High Plains Chapter of the AMS/NWA met at Town and County Kitchen in Norton, KS on November 3rd, 2010.  We gathered at 11:30 am and started by having a delicious lunch.  The business meeting was held next, followed by a presentation.  11 members and guests were in attendance.  After our meeting, Jeremy Wesley/GID led a presentation summarizing the recent Severe Local Storms (SLS) Conference held in Denver in mid-October.  Mike Umscheid/DDC then passed out handouts of a list of speakers/presentations from the SLS Conference, along with website links to each author’s extended abstract.  Aaron Johnson/DDC also added lively comments to the other two presenters, as he also attended the SLS Workshop.

Call to order.  President Mike Umscheid/DDC called the meeting to order at 12:10 pm.  Secretary Tim Burke/DDC read the minutes of the 8/12 meeting held during the 14th High Plains (HP14) Conference.  The minutes were accepted as read.

Treasurer’s report.  Treasurer Corey King reported the High Plains Ledger balance as of 8/10/10 was $4791.19:  $2066.19 was in the checkbook, and $2725.00 was in the Jim Johnson Scholarship fund.  A summary from the recent HP14 Conference in Dodge City showed we cleared about $720 after all the bills were paid.  Good job, Dodge City staff!

Old Business.  Our Chapter’s tax exempt status continues to be worked on.  Jim Johnson is assisting President Umscheid in completing and filing all needed forms.  When we file with the IRS for tax exempt status, there will be a $450 to $500 filing charge.  The IRS form 1023 is probably the most labor intensive task in the completion of this multi-step process.

New Business. 
Mike Umscheid/DDC passed on to our Chapter the AMS Chapter and Student Chapter of the Year:  The Twin City Chapter and the Iowa State Student Chapter, respectively.  We reviewed feedback surveys from the Dodge City August Conference, which were very positive.  This information will be passed on to the Wichita chapter, who is hosting the 15th High Plains (HP15) Conference in 2011.  The need for a hard deadline for abstract submissions was discussed, as was also the need to encourage more Chapter members to present papers at our annual conference.  Lastly, we discussed a Proposal recently received from the Wichita AMS/NWA Chapter on our joint venture to assist them with the 2011 HP15 Conference.  The Proposal was very thorough and in-depth.  Our HP Chapter liaison for the 2011 Conference, Al Pietrycha/GLD will draft a response to send to the Wichita chapter soon.  A suggestion was made to resend out meeting minutes prior to each meeting, to refresh members’ memories. 

President Mike Umscheid/DDC solicited nominations for next year’s officers.  Mike will be stepping down as President.  If you want to run for an office, send Mike Umscheid you name and preferred office.

Current officers are:

            President –          Mike Umscheid/DDC

            Vice President –  Al Pietrycha/GLD

            Treasurer –          Cory King/GID

            Secretary –          Tim Burke/DDC

Adjournment.  This meeting adjourned at 1:18 PM.  The next meeting will be a conference call in early December.

Mike Umscheid, President
Tim Burke, Secretary