High Plains Chapter of the AMS/NWA
Minutes of the Regular Meeting
October 9, 2003
Meeting Held in Hastings, Nebraska

The meeting was held immediately after the first days’ proceedings of the 7th High Plains Conference in the Wilson Mathematics and Computer Science Center at Hastings College, Hastings, Nebraska. Just prior to the start of the meeting, SPC Forecaster Steve Weiss, on behalf of the National Weather Association, presented the High Plains Chapter with the NWA local chapter award for excellence. Founding members Jim Johnson and Scott Mentzer were highly honored to receive the award plaque on behalf of the chapter, and asked the membership to thank the current officers for their hard work which earned this honor. They are: Mike Moritz (Pres.), John Stoppkotte (Past Pres.), Jared Guyer (Vice Pres. and Webmaster), Tim Burke (Sec.), and Aaron Johnson (Treas.).


President Mike Moritz called the meeting to order at 4:35 pm and designated chapter member Jim Johnson to record the proceedings in lieu of Tim Burke, who could not be there.

President Moritz dispensed with reading of the minutes from the previous meeting (August 5th), as those minutes had been electronically distributed to the membership via email and the chapter web page.


Treasurer Aaron Johnson gave the treasury report.  As of October 9th, 2003, our current balance was $1,302.13. This total includes none of the proceeds from the conference and only some of the expenses. Aaron offered a “projected” report based upon approximations of these expenses and deposits. This total was approximately $2,587.00 when all conference accounts are settled.  He noted that there will likely be a net loss after the conference of around $300 (10/18 update: conference net loss will only be around $150) but he expected we would make up all of that loss, and then some, on chapter dues which are due by the end of December 2003. Some discussion then took place concerning the possibility of the chapter courting corporate sponsorships during the coming year. Suggestions were offered, including The Weather Channel and other weather oriented vendors. Jim Johnson and Dan Nietfeld, who will be attending the AMS Annual Meeting in Seattle, offered to visit with some of the vendors there and see if this might be feasible.  Jim Johnson then moved that the Treasurer’s report be accepted. Bruce Entwistle seconded the motion and it passed.


President Moritz provided a handout of email he had received from Wichita SOO, Pete Wolf. Pete has asked about the possibility of collaboration between the High Plains Chapter and the Wichita Chapter on a joint conference. Mike asked the membership to think about this idea for future consideration.
No other old business was presented.


President Moritz asked for volunteers from each of the four National Weather Service Offices which comprise the bulk of the chapter membership. These volunteers will handle distribution of the AMS minority scholarship information to local area schools across the High Plains region. Volunteers were: John Stoppkotte from North Platte, Scott Mentzer from Goodland, Ray Burgert from Dodge City, and Mike Moritz from Hastings.

As mentioned, Dan Nietfeld and Jim Johnson will attend the AMS Annual Meeting in Seattle. They will represent the chapter at the chapter breakfast and will display the chapter poster in the local chapter poster sessions.

President Moritz reminded the membership that 2004 dues are now payable to chapter treasurer Aaron Johnson and should be made by December.

Since Jared Guyer has moved to the Storm Prediction Center, we will need a new chapter webmaster to maintain our web site. Ray Burgert is still willing to act as assistant webmaster but a new webmaster will be needed as soon as possible. Anyone interested should contact Mike Moritz in Hastings.

President Moritz reminded the membership that election of officers was up coming in December, and “new blood” would be most welcome and provide an excellent infusion of energy to the chapter. Jim Johnson proposed that we form an ad-hoc nominating committee with members from each of the four NWS offices. He volunteered to act in that capacity for the Dodge City office. The other volunteers for this committee were; Scott Mentzer (GLD), Rick Ewald (HSI), and John Stoppkotte (LBF).

John Stoppekotte suggested a new membership push be conducted at each of the four offices, since there were a number of new staff members at each office. Jim Johnson suggested it might be more effective if people were contacted by someone outside their local office. After some discussion, it was decided that Bruce Entwistle and John Stoppkotte should provide a list of potential members from their offices to Rick Ewald and Jim Johnson who would then make individual contact with hopes of generating more membership interest.

President Mike Moritz asked the membership to contact him with any contacts they may have concerning future speakers at chapter meetings. He can be reached via email on the chapter web page at <http://www.highplains-amsnwa.org>. Look in the chapter officers page.


A motion for adjournment was made at 4:58 pm by Bruce Entwistle, seconded by Dave Floyd and passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,
Jim Johnson