Minutes of the High Plains AMS/NWA Chapter Meeting

September 25, 2013

The High Plains Chapter of the AMS/NWA held a teleconference meeting on Wednesday, September 25th, 2013 at 3 PM.  Approximately 29 members were on the call, from the 4 NWS offices represented.

The meeting started with a presentation from Corey King, a former Chapter member, who has been at Bismarck, ND for one and a half years.  Corey's presentation was titled "Infusion of an Emergency Response Specialist into NWS Bismarck Operations".  Corey outlined the process of working his new ERS position into the operations the Bismarck Office.  The ERS position works very close with the office WCM and the MIC.  Some areas Corey took over in the Bismarck NWS office were Multimedia Briefings, the Social Media POC, and he serves as the main POC for State Offices.  He can be deployed by Central Region, and is an assistant to the CR ROC desk.  One example Corey gave of ERS assistance was during the 2013 flooding in North Dakota.  There was a lot of coordination between the local NWS office, the State offices, and even National levels of support.  One item which came from this flooding support was an "Experimental Weather Threat Matrix (EWTM)", similar to the new Enhanced Hazardous Weather graphic product.  The EWTM product was developed off a North Dakota National Guard product, produced every day during the 2 months of flooding.  Corey opened up the presentation for questions, and two subjects which surfaced were that coordination between WFO's remains a big issue, and Corey coordinated a lot with CRH Mike Hudson while developing the ERS position.  The briefing ended around 3:55 pm.

A short business meeting began at near 4 pm.  The Treasurer's report was submitted after the 9/25 meeting.  Our treasury had multiple Dues pain, and only one Check written since our last meeting. The available Ledger Balance was at $5,815.37, the Jim Johnson Scholarship Fund at $1,795.00.  This leaves the Checkbook balance at $4,020.37.  VP Jeremy Wesely still looking for speakers for future meetings.  We will probably have one more meeting this year, and plans are possibly for a face to face meeting.  President Bill Taylor will send out a message concerning the next meeting.  Furthermore, depending on the budget, a High Plains conference may be possible next year.  Mike Umscheid updated us on the tax exempt application with the IRS.  Mike is still working on getting this issued finalized.

Bill Taylor, President
Tim Burke, Secretary