The High Plains AMS/NWA Chapter Minutes

12 Aug 2015


The AMS/NWA High Plains Chapter held a meeting on Wednesday, August 12th, 2015, during the 17th High Plains Conference held in Goodland, KS.  The meeting was held at the first day of the conference, after many presentations were made, and started at 4:35 pm MST.  The location was in the Sherman County Emergency Manager’s Center.  There were 19 members in attendance.  The conference status was discussed first, with 49 attendees present.  President Bill Taylor announced our council had applied for the Chapter of the Year for both the AMS and NWA.  That morning, our Chapter had also applied for being a Weather Ready Nation Ambassador, and during the meeting, an email was received that we were confirmed as an Ambassador! 


NWA President-elect, Dave Freeman/KSN-TV, addressed our Council meeting.  He brought greetings from the national NWA.  He stressed how conferences such at this one brings friendships together, with meet and greet opportunities and sharing of ideas.  Dave shared fond memories of Past-President and late Jim Moore, especially on the subject of isentropic topics.  He went on to point out that Pat Market has followed up on the isentropic issues.  All of this information was brought together via NWA meetings.  He also encouraged all present to attend the upcoming NWA meeting in Oklahoma City in Oct, 2015, as well as the NWA meeting being planned for Norfolk, VA in 2016.  A topic planned for the 2016 meeting is the GOES-R, as well as many coastal topics, and they expect many military there, with the Naval Base located in Norfolk.  


We’d like to announce the winner of our student presentation for our 17th High Plains Conference is Kevin Wagner, a Masters student at the South Dakota School of Mines; he was awarded $600.  Other competitors were Pam Pietrycha, a Masters student from Northwest Missouri State University, and Scott Baker, a Masters student from Wright University, OH.  Thanks to all who participated. 


The meeting ended at 4:50 PM MST.  The next meeting is planned for late October in Norton, KS.  



William Taylor                                                                                                            Tim Burke

President                                                                                                                     Secretary