The High Plains AMS/NWA Chapter Meeting Minutes

17 Dec 2014


The AMS/NWA High Plains Chapter held a virtual meeting on Wednesday, December 17th, and it began at 2:00 PM.   There were 18 Chapter members dialed into this meeting. This meeting began with a presentation by Greg Carbin, the WCM from the Storm Prediction Center in Norman Oklahoma.  This was the tenth year in a row when Greg compiled the “Top Ten Meteorological Memories for the Year (2014)”.  Since the beginning of this project, it has become more popular each year.  Greg now has a recorded/canned version of this presentation, which he can send to various organizations, and not necessarily have to travel to the organization.

 The first event was the ‘January Cold and Dixie Woes’, when significant snow fell in Alabama and Georgia, and when Niagara Falls nearly froze solid.  The second event was the ‘California Drought Nightmare’, when the most severe Palmer Index was recorded in California.  Number 3 on the list was the ‘Atlantic Bomb of March 24-27th’, when low pressure off the New England coast produced very heavy snow and blizzard conditions over New England,  causing winds as strong as Hurricane Sandy did.  Next on the list, number 4, was the ‘Severe weather of April 27-30th across Arkansas and Mississippi’.  There were over 70 tornadoes, including an EF4, with 34 fatalities and 434 injuries for the 3 day event.  Number 5 on the list is the ‘Gulf Coast Soaker of April 30th’.  There was over 2 feet of rain which fell from Mobile, AL to Pensacola, FL, which made this a 100-200 year old rainfall for the area.  The ‘June Nebraska Nasty’ made #6 on this list.  There were over 30 reports of hail 2-inches or larger on June 3rd.  On June 16th, the now “well known” Pilger, NE Twin Twisters occurred.  There were 4 EF-4 Tornadoes in June in Nebraska.  Next up is the ‘Cool Summer?’ – It may have seemed cool to some, mainly since just two years ago in 2012, many high temperatures records were established.  Overall across the U.S., the June through August period was near normal.  Number 8 on this list is the ‘Western Fire Facts’, which mainly affected California, Oregon and Washington.  The average fire size was about double the average size, and was the 2nd highest average fire size in the past 13 years.  Ninth on the list is the ‘November Cold and the Great Lakes Snow’, when epic lake effect snows occurred east of the Great Lakes.  Buffalo, NY had five feet of snow with 13 fatalities, with 2 heavy snow events on 3 out of 6 days.  Some areas reported up to 7 feet of snow in the two events, and 70 inches of snow was reported in Western New York State.  The November was the 2nd coldest November in 36 years for the U.S.  

The #10 Memory will be determined at another virtual meeting on December 29th, at the Site.  This meeting of minds will determine #10 for this list.

The Chapter business meeting began at 2:35 PM, with President Bill Taylor welcoming everybody.  Vice President Jeremy Wesely gave the treasury report.  $500 was donated to the Hastings Children Museum, and the $938 profit from the latest conference was transferred to the Jim Johnson Scholarship fund.  The overall balance was $6238.14, with $2438.00 in the Jim Johnson Scholarship Fund, leaving $3800.14 in the available checkbook ledger.  Dave Floyd from Goodland gave an update on the next Chapter conference – it will be held in Goodland at the local College, and some money has been committed by Central Region toward a Keynote Speaker.  President Bill Taylor will send an email out soliciting new Officer Nominations.  A vote will be sent out later via email in January, and most likely, a representative from each office will bring the ballots from the vote to the next face to face meeting for counting.

The meeting adjourned at 3 PM.  The next meeting will probably be in Norton in January.  Member will be notified.


William Taylor                                                                                                            Tim Burke

President                                                                                                                     Secretary