The High Plains AMS/NWA Chapter Minutes

30 Oct 2015


The AMS/NWA High Plains Chapter had a meeting on Friday, October 30th, 2015 in Norton, KS, and began at 11:35 am.  There were 15 members present, plus one student from Fort Hays University.  We began our meeting in the Norton Library, with a presentation by Cory Martin, an Intern at North Platte, NE/LBF.  His presentation was on how to produce Weather Graphics for the internet.  This program started around 2009, with most of the NWS using the FXC application.  Nearly all agreed this was slow and cumbersome. By 2012, some offices went to the Western Region process of sending the graphic to PowerPoint and then to the Web.  In early 2013,  LBF started issuing a product including the forecast for days 2 and 3 also.  In the Spring of 2013, the NWS Central Region chose Kansas City NWS to test the new process to generate Weather Graphics.   One of the new aspects of the Graphic is the slider bar showing the degrees of Threat Level the weather is; another interpretation of this is the Confidence of the Risk Level.  Cory made 4 points available to his staff:   1. Consistency and Timeliness.  2. Modern Look - Simple.  3. Focal Point Friendly, and  4. Better Product for our Users.  Cory also demonstrated how to produce a Weather Graphic, using PowerPoint.  Many templates are provided for the staff, and the Selection & Visibility feature had been curtailed to their usage.  Another point made was each Weather Office’s graphic must be consistent with surrounding offices’ graphics.  Cory Martin stated he was willing to share templates.


A short meeting was held after the presentation, before we adjourned to the nearby Destination Kitchen.  A brief update was given on the upcoming Conference to be held in August in North Platte, NE.  A CR SOO meeting will likely be held.  Three chairman were chosen, Bill Taylor, John Stopkotte, and Cory Martin.  Wes Hovorka, from the Dodge City NWS, has volunteered to be our new Secretary.  Our next meeting will be a telephone virtual-conference, most likely on either Nov 23rd or 24th.  The speaker will be Steve Eddy from Hastings, covering the Hiring Process.  This meeting adjourned at 12:30 pm.




William Taylor                                                                                                            Tim Burke

President                                                                                                                     Secretary