The High Plains NWA/AMS Chapter Minutes

24 Nov 2015


The NWA/AMS High Plains Chapter had a meeting on Tuesday, November 24th, 2015 virtually over the phone and began at 3:00 pm. There were a total of 19 chapter members on the call.  A brief meeting was held with new and old business as follows. Wesley Hovorka agreed to take over as the Secretary for the chapter and will begin his official duties at the beginning of next year. However, he will be taking notes over the next couple of meetings due to Tim Burke retiring in Scottsdale, AZ at the end of November.  A short update was given on the upcoming High Plains Conference to be held at North Platte, NE next August. Committees have been formed for the conference and ramping up of duties will start after the holidays. No other new business was brought up so we proceeded to start our monthly presentation.

This month’s presentation was from Steve Eddy the Meteorologist in Charge at the Hastings Nebraska forecast office. His presentation was on the NWS hiring process and tips from the view of a MIC. During his presentation he explained the process of hiring someone from when the original vacancy occurs to when a person is officially hired/promoted. The steps he included were 1. The vacancy occurs 2. The MIC submits paperwork to region and region forwards this information to Work Force Management (WFM) 3. The vacancy published on USAjobs 4. WFM reviews applications for this job 5. A panel is created and released to the forecast office 6. Management at the forecast office has 21 days to narrow down the panel and make a selection 7.  Selection is approved by region and region notifies WFM 8. WFM checks for any violations and makes tentative offer 9. Security check is implemented on the selected individual 10. Official promotion letter sent. Next, Mr. Eddy talked about what management at forecast offices see during the selection process. He also talked about some tips and pointers of getting hired like how to stand out from others, including extras like a cover letter and letters of recommendation, and being as detailed as possible in your resume. In addition to these tips, he included suggestions of visiting offices you are interested in, attending conferences/meetings, and getting on regional/national teams. Last he gave tips on the interview process from practicing interviewing with other people, being prepared, and most important being relaxed. Mr. Eddy then took questions at the end of his talk with the meeting adjourning at 4:00 pm.



William Taylor                                                                                                                                    Wesley Hovorka

President                                                                                                                                            Secretary