The High Plains NWA/AMS Chapter Minutes

09 Dec 2015


The NWA/AMS High Plains Chapter had a meeting on Wednesday, December 9th virtually over the phone and began at 3:00 pm. There were a total of 20 chapter members on the call.  The brief meeting consisted of the following new and old business. No new information on the conference for next year in North Platte but a few ideas have been thrown around and committees have been established. We submitted applications for chapter of the year from both the AMS and NWA. Other than that no other new or old business was mentioned.

This month’s presentation was from Greg Carbin the Warning Coordination Meteorologist of the Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma. As in previous years, his presentation was on the “Top 10 weather events of the year”.  A few days before the meeting Greg informed the chapter that he would be working midnights during the time he was going to present and decided to record a YouTube presentation for us to listen to at our leisure.  Each office, and other participants, then watched the presentation after the virtual meeting was adjourned. The events, not in any particular order, consisted of the following.

1.       The Boston winter snowstorm and records broken, Jan 26-28th

2.       The low amount of watches issued during the winter months Jan-Mar 2015

3.       Did El Nino affected the amount of severe storms April-July 2015

4.       The Fairdale, IL EF4 Tornado April 9th 2015

5.       The wettest month on record May 2015

6.       The Western U.S. continued heat and drought

7.       The Western U.S. wild fires due to heat and drought

8.       Deadly Flash Flooding in southern Utah. Sep 14th 2015

9.       Hurricane Joaquin and rainfall across South Carolina Oct 2015

10.   High Plains tornado outbreak November 16th 2015

The presentation ended around 3:50 PM. The next meeting is expected to be around the beginning of February 2016.     


William Taylor                                                                                                                                    Wesley Hovorka

President                                                                                                                                            Secretary