The High Plains NWA/AMS Chapter Minutes

10 Feb 2016


The NWA/AMS High Plains Chapter had a meeting on Wednesday, February 10th at the Library in Norton, KS and began at 1125AM.  There were a total of 16 chapter members that made the trip to Norton.  Aaron Johnson gave a presentation before the meeting and an explanation is found below.  No old business was brought up during the meeting with the following as new business.  Cory Martin from the North Platte office gave an update on the High Plains Conference being held later this year.  Dates and location for this year’s High Plains Conference have been selected and are August 10th and 11th and it will be held at the North Platte Community college.  The NWS Central Regional Director is expected to attend again and is willing to give another talk Wednesday morning.  The North Platte office is currently looking for keynote speakers for the event.  Registration fees for the event will stay the same again this this year due to not foreseeing any additional costs.  The idea of having an open house at the North Platte forecast office the night before was mentioned so people could sign in for the event as well as meet and greet others attending the conference.  Cory and Bill are expected to get hotel blocks set up for the event soon, with La Quinta and possibly one other place being the hotels.  Another topic of new business was talking about the Jim Johnson Scholarship.  Volunteers are needed for reviewing applications sent in for the scholarship from each office.  No nominations were sent in for elections this year so all positions of the chapter have accepted to remain at their positions for another year.  However, William Taylor (president for 4 years) and Jeremy Wesley (Vice President for 3 years) have decided to have this be the last year for their positions so someone new could become president or vice president of the chapter.  Annual dues were also brought up during the meeting with the fee of 15 dollars remaining the same. No other new business was brought up and the meeting adjourned around 1235PM. The next meeting is expected to be on either April 6th or April 19th depending on people’s availability.


This month’s presentation was presented by Aaron Johnson the Science and Operations Officer (SOO) from Dodge City, KS.  The topic of his presentation was on the 13th December 2015 Central Plains Snow Event.  It dealt with lessons learned with forecasting across other forecast offices and the Weather Prediction Center (WPC) as well as how to deal with collaboration between these offices to influence their forecasts.  He talked about how WPC only uses ensemble members to make their forecasts, which is different from what the forecast offices which use deterministic models in addition to ensemble models.  The offices also look for mesoscale features in their area that could cause additional snow to fall in certain areas. WPC’s winter weather desk generally has only one person working at one time to make a forecast for the entire United States and do not have time to look for these features.  Aaron emphasized that coordination is a must between other offices and WPC to make the best forecasts for the public.  


William Taylor                                                                                                                                    Wesley Hovorka

President                                                                                                                                            Secretary