The High Plains NWA/AMS Chapter Minutes

27 June 2017


The NWA/AMS High Plains Chapter held a short virtual meeting on Tuesday June 27th and began around 200pm.  There were a total of 11 chapter members at the meeting.   No presentation was given during this meeting due to the close proximity to the conference in August.  This meeting consisted of a treasury report and an update on the High Plains Conference.  Jeff Kelley first gave a treasury report with about $4100 in the general fund and $2700 in the Jim Johnson Scholarship adding up to a total of $6898. Next, Wesley Hovorka gave an update on the 2017 High Plains Conference in Dodge City, KS.  All of the information from previous meetings was repeated.  I have included a Word document with the latest information on the conference.  Some notable items are as followed.

-          Travel authorization has been approved

-          Abstracts are due by July 15th

-          Registration for the conference is live on the High Plains website (

-          Block of rooms available at the Hampton Inn near the Boot Hill Casino

-          Hotel rooms need to be booked by July 25th


There was no other new business for the meeting and the meeting adjourned around 215pm.  You may listen to the full recording located in the Google Drive folder.


Jeremy Martin                                                                                                                                  Wesley Hovorka

President                                                                                                                                            Secretary